Academic Pursuits

Le Cap 1793

I'm a historian of early America.  While I've read and taught widely across the field, my scholarly interests--in race and identity, radicalism and revolution, and slavery and antislavery--have led me to focus in particular on the long eighteenth century (roughly 1680 to 1820). Those same interests lead me to widen the boundaries of the "America" I study to include the Caribbean and, in some ways, the greater Atlantic basin as a whole.

At Princeton, I've taught courses in Revolutionary-era and early national American history, as well as courses treating aspects of Caribbean history, comparative slavery and emancipation, and the era of Atlantic Revolutions.  In addition to teaching in the History Department, I've taught for the Freshman Seminars Program and the Freshman Scholars Institute.  I'm currently an associate dean in the Office of the Dean of the College.